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Seaweed Sensations

"Sensational foodstuffs"

Perhaps you are already a seaweed lover or may be you are just curious about these exotic seeming seavegetables, then this is the site for you. Unless you are lucky enough to live near by the sea then we provide information about these sea plants and also how you can obtain them from us if you choose. Seaweeds make an excellent addition too any ones cullinary palate.

Seaweed sensationsTM is a range of products produced by Ocean Fresh Seaweeds, a company that not only produces high quality food stuffs but also two other ranges of products called PhycomerTM that specialises in seaweed toiletries and cosmetics and Mudworks IncTM that specialises in French green clay and seawed face mask and associated products all harvested from the prstine pure waters of the West coast of Ireland.

Seaweed sensational foodstuffs. Did you know that not only can seaweeds be used successfully as body products and face masks but they can also be used as health food. Some people report feeling healthier almost immediately after a few seperate servings of their favourite seaweed, these nutritious vegetables are low calorie high nutrient (macro and micro elements, vitamins and other essential metablic cofactor) foods. These fods need pristine seas free from large scale pollution, which is exactly the situation found here in Ireland.

Why other reasons other than boosting your health would you bother with seaweed ? The taste is fantastic, when prepared properly these flavoursome sea vegetables are out of this world. Adding seaweeds to your favourite dish adds another dimension to your cooking.

The nutritional profile of seaweeds are very different and in most cases superior to land plants, for example, seaweeds contain high levels of soluble fibre, land plnts generally do not though this will be changeing with GM-foods and the processing of foods by large commercial compans who are drastically trying to inflenuce our diets with non-natural foods, the consequences of using these in our diets may have serious long term consequences that we are only now starting to realise.

Our seaweed sensations products would like to introduce you to natural organic oils and condiments as well as recipes for delicious seaweed snacks. Check out this website and let us help you get to know seaweed sensations. Seaweeds are truely a wonderful gift from the sea.